9 Tips to Get Rid of Wrinkles and Prevent Their Emergence


Hydration, both internally and externally, is essential to prevent the appearance of wrinkles. Also taking care of our sleeping posture can help us avoid them. If you want to improve the appearance of your skin and prevent the appearance of such annoying wrinkles, take note of these nine practical tips and easy to follow.

1. Sleep with pillows under the bust

It is a trick that will help you avoid the appearance of wrinkles in the bust area. If you start to do so you will notice how, in a few days, the state of your skin and your body, in general, will benefit. And is that this way we optimize the rest and sleep better.

Also, in the case that you suffer from back pain, you will notice the relief even more and you will get more rest.

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2. Wetting

It will also help fight wrinkles. Apply a moisturizer in areas that can be problematic, both in the morning and before bed. We cannot expect that, in 90% of cases, premature wrinkles appear due to lack of moisturizing in the skin. In this way, we will avoid them.

3. Sleep surrounded by pillows and cushions

Although it may seem unusual, this advice is most effective if you are looking to prevent premature wrinkles.

Keep in mind that the vast majority of the wrinkles that appear while we sleep occur because we change posture many times and many of them are not even comfortable, but when we are asleep, we do not appreciate it.

Therefore, the key is to lie on your back (the best posture to avoid wrinkles) and put pillows or cushions on both sides of the body not to turn around.

4. Put a pillow under your knees

Putting a pillow under the knees will achieve a difference between the level of the legs and that of the body, so that we will improve the blood circulation.

In addition to being able to finish with wrinkles more easily, you will also be able to say goodbye to the tension and pain in the knees.

These recommendations are especially useful for people who walk a lot.

5. With a towel under the head

Another good recommendation to achieve a better rest when you sleep is to have your head in a comfortable position.

It is best to use orthopedic pillows but, if you do not have it, you can replace it with a folded towel in the form of a roll.

6. Choose the mattress well

Soft mattresses are not the most recommended at bedtime, however much we may like. It is proven that rigid and firm mattresses are better for preserving the health of the back.

In addition, they help that the circulation is given correctly, so they are also able to prevent the appearance of premature wrinkles.

7. The choice of underwear is the key

Faced with the appearance of wrinkles, choosing the right underwear is the key. We can find special bras that work against the wrinkles themselves.

They are very similar to sports training bras, but are usually made of cotton.

In addition, in the most strategic areas, such as the neckline, these bras have woolen parts that do not absorb the moisturizing cream and do not leave your skin unprotected, something that can be very good for sleeping.

8. Hydrate properly

What is clear is that, to avoid wrinkles, hydration is critical. Hydrate yourself by drinking the recommended amount of water a day.

The ideal is to consume between liter and half and two liters of water daily. However, it is best to drink water outside of meals, so it will be much more profitable and will allow you a better and more complete hydration.

9. Use oils

To nourish your skin correctly it is sometimes okay to opt for another series of moisturizing products, such as oils.

And it is necessary to take into account that wrinkles appear in the most malnourished skins because they lack vitamins and minerals.

Although the best thing to do is to have a correct diet, you can contribute many nutrients by applying vegetable oils.

Which one to choose will depend on our skin type:

  • In case you have oily skin the best option will be coconut oil.
  • If you have mixed skin you should opt for jojoba oil.
  • For dry and mature skins, rosehip oil is recommended.

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