benefits of daily exercise

The Benefits of Daily Exercise

Consistency is the best policy in exercise. It can also help you maintain good health, body, and lifestyle. However, many people take exercise for granted. Most of them think that exercise will only make you tired, but no, exercise can make you bloom and look youthful. Below are some of the key benefits of daily […]

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medicines for depression

Inside A Depressed Person’s Mind

You often hear the word depression, and you must have seen a depressed person before but have you ask yourself what a depressed person’s mind could be thinking? A student, a professional, or an ordinary person can experience depression. There are a lot of medicines for depression but it is important to identify the depression […]

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Cognitive Disorder

How to prevent Cognitive Disorder

The power of our brain is complex and awe-inspiring, considering the fact it is the command centre for everything we do and our cognition. Our cognitive ability, the intelligence, reasoning, learning and creativity are the reason for all these inventions, technological advancements that we have today. But the cognitive decline is also unavoidable as it […]

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