Why is it so beneficial to train in the morning?

Morning exercise

When we finally decide to exercise and change our habits of life, we are assaulted by a series of questions that call into question our will before even we begin. If we use logic, we may decide to train in the evening or at night, simply because it is the time of day when work obligations come to an end. But perhaps not an idea at all profitable in terms of results … What if we do the other way around? Why do not we try to train in the morning?

There are a number of physical and mental arguments in favor of scheduling our sports activity in the morning. The main argument is that after an intense day of work when tiredness is already noticeable and all we want is to rest, it becomes quite complicated to do sport. And this may be one of the reasons we give up before we achieve the goal.

But unfortunately, this theory is not good for everyone. There are people who start at dawn to work and find it extremely difficult to exercise early in the day. In these cases, it will be necessary to look for another time slot.

Morning exercise

4 reasons to train in the morning

Burn more calories during training:

According to a study by the British Journal of Nutrition, people who do sports in the morning burn 25% more fat. When you perform physical activity without having previously eaten the body gets rid of stored fat.

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In contrast, those who train having ingested some food prior to the session, only eliminate the calories they have just consumed. But let’s not take this point literally when we want to lose weight, we need to spend more calories than we consume.

We will start the day more relaxed:

As we have explained in previous articles, sport is the best medicine against stress and anxiety. By training in the morning, we will begin the day by generating endorphins (the happiness hormone) and the feeling of relaxation. In this way, we will reach our jobs much more active and motivated.

We will control the appetite:

Conducting physical activity first thing in the day is the best method to make breakfast the most important meal of the day. In addition, exercising reduces the feeling of hunger, which means that morning training becomes an ally for people looking to lose weight.

We will sleep much better at night:

One of the benefits of having regular exercise is to improve the quality of sleep. But if we train at night we can achieve the opposite effect, since the body needs a certain time to deactivate and fall asleep. Therefore, we can do the train in the morning.

By way of conclusion, it is desirable to perform physical activity in the morning if the goal is to lose weight, but what is truly important is to move.

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