Benefits of Cinnamon for Health and Thermogenic and Aphrodisiac Properties

Benefits of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is an aromatic spice that is obtained from the inner part of the bark of the cinnamon tree. It is generally used as a seasoning, but it also has properties favorable to health and is very famous for its aphrodisiac effects. Incorporating it into your diet has multiple advantages, and you can do it simply and deliciously. In this post, we will see the benefits of cinnamon for health and other properties that may prove useful.

It brings a very pleasant flavor and aroma to desserts, cakes and infusions like black tea or coffee. Cinnamon tea, alone, with sugar or honey, is also rich and allows maximizing its medicinal properties.

Benefits of Cinnamon

Benefits of Cinnamon: Helps Weight Loss

Cinnamon tea helps to burn fats because of its thermogenic properties, that is, it increases the body’s ability to process calories by stimulating natural and healthy metabolic reactions. This is one of the most well-known benefits of cinnamon.

The body works to transform the carbohydrates we eat into glucose (sugar), obtaining from them our main source of energy. However, when we eat more food than the body requires, the pancreas generates more insulin to tell the body that there is plenty of energy.

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And as long as we do not waste this energy, the insulin will store it in the body as a reserve, causing undesirable weight gain. Cinnamon acts by reducing blood sugar levels, which lowers the amount of insulin and therefore prevents the accumulation of fats. Taking two cups of tea a day, you can lose weight quickly and keep the digestive system healthy.

You can also incorporate this delicious spice into your diet shakes.

Prevents and relieves illness

Cinnamon provides antioxidants that contribute to good cell function and prevent fats from entering the arteries, preventing cardiovascular disease. A daily tea of cinnamon can help normalize cholesterol and triglyceride levels, greatly improves blood circulation and strengthens heart health by regulating your heart rate.

The digestive system is also favored by the consumption of cinnamon since this spice has components that collaborate with an adequate salivation and production of gastric juices.

In this way it helps prevent gastric ulcers and reduce intestinal swelling, reducing the gasses that derive from the digestive process. It is highly recommended for those people who suffer from irritable bowel. If you have a stomach ulcer, it is not advisable to take cinnamon. It helps to prevent it, but it can make the irritation worse if the injury already exists.

For the same reason, it is effective for weight loss, it is also used to treat diabetes. As we said, cinnamon stabilizes blood sugar levels, because it has a compound (cinnamtannin B1) that stimulates insulin receptors and inhibits the effect of an enzyme that activates them, allowing the body to properly administer glucose.

Cinnamon also strengthens the immune system, because of its heat and antibiotic properties. On the one hand, it helps to regulate body temperature avoiding cooling, and in turn, relieves diseases caused by viruses or bacteria, such as angina, pharyngitis, flu or the common cold.

In addition to boosting the defenses, cinnamon calms symptoms such as a headache and inflammation of the tonsils. It is not advisable, however, to use the cinnamon remedy along with synthetic antibiotics since they could diminish the effects of both.

Women who have problems with their menstrual cycle’s t can greatly benefit also consumption of cinnamon. Because of its anticoagulant effects, this spice helps to correct the menstrual delays, regularizing the cycle. It also acts as a tonic and prevents swelling and pain during the menstrual period.

Aphrodisiac and erection enhancer

Cinnamon is used as a natural aphrodisiac since ancient times. It acts as an effective genital tonic; helps increase sexual desire and remedy erection problems and premature ejaculation. Increasing irrigation will blood the genital area, allow sexual arousal to be greater in men and women, and help the man achieve a firmer and longer erection.

Cinnamon is an excellent stimulant not only on a sexual level but in general, as it increases energy and vitality. This is another benefit of cinnamon, which can work with people suffering from depression, burnout or low moods.

The aromatherapy is an excellent way to use cinnamon to increase libido, simply scenting the room with some essential oils, incense or other perfume-scented cinnamon.

However, ingesting it is much more effective, either by infusing or sprinkling the spice over some dessert (using it to season roasted apples is delicious and forbidden fruit also contributes to increased sexual desire).

To enhance erection we recommend infusing half a teaspoon of cinnamon, twice a day (after breakfast and dinner) for about two weeks. For problems of impotence, it is advisable to ingest this preparation three times a day.


As a final note, you should remember that if you suffer from some kind of delicate health condition you must take special care with the food you eat, including cinnamon.

An example of this is that, although the benefits of cinnamon are many, ingesting cinnamon in excess can speed up the heart rate, so it is not recommended for those suffering from hypertension.

Also for its anticoagulant properties, it is not recommended for those who are following an anticoagulant treatment as it would alter it.

Putting on a balance both things, without a doubt the benefits of the cinnamon are much greater. So, why do not you consider including a little cinnamon in your life?

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