Why Chlorophyll Makes a Great Vacation Partner

Why Chlorophyll Makes a Great Vacation Partner

Setting aside time for summer vacation is one of the best ways we can ensure our good health.  Studies show that many Americans leave too many vacations days on the books, afraid that taking time off makes them appear to be less vested in the company than others, or that while they are away, their work will be given to someone else, and they will be eliminated.  A recent news story applauded a company’s management for sending one of their employees an “atta boy” letter for taking two mental health days off.  Studies show that Americans leave as much as half of their vacations days unused, and by some estimates, a shocking 650 million vacation days remain on the books in recent years.

Another reason people dread taking vacations, aside from the inconvenience and the expense is the damage it is likely to do to their health.  Most vacation ads show couples or singles, living it up, eating rich food, drinking alcoholic drinks and indulging in sweets that are sure to make them blow their diets.  But there is a better way to vacation, one that will help you stay within your budget and in balance, and you can turn to the pages of Groupon and use Priceline to book it.  Priceline offers popular destinations for less, like Myrtle Beach, North Carolina, Orlando, Florida or the Disney theme parks, at prices that will fit any budget.  And if staying at a resort that has the spa like environment with the metabolism based diet you crave is your ideal, they can help you plan that excursion, too.  Combine your Priceline purchase with a money-saving Groupon deal, and you can shave as much as 60% off list prices, and reserve your hotel, car rental and tickets to local attractions at the same time.

If you’re concerned about blowing your diet, a simple addition to your health regime like chlorophyll can help you cut the cravings and be mindful of what you’re eating even as the tempting dishes pile up around you.

Chlorophyll is a green pigment that’s key to photosynthesis.  Research shows it’s instrumental in maintaining good health because of the way it helps control hunger and cravings.  Scientists have found that compounds containing chlorophyll help suppress hunger.  Test subjects who ate meals with chlorophyll showed stable blood sugar levels, something that is key to promoting weight loss.

So the next time you think about leaving your vacation days on the books because of out of control spending eating, turn to the money saving power of Groupon, the convenience of Priceline, and chlorophyll, the secret weapon that will help control your appetite so you can enjoy those hard earned days off.

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