Foods that accelerate metabolism

Foods that accelerate metabolism

When it comes to weight loss, many people resort to diets in search of the perfect body and the burning of those extra fats.

Opting for foods that speed up metabolism are the best ways to lose weight by following the body’s rhythm, without overdoing it. Check out some tips!

Green tea

Green tea helps keep fat burning. It favors the use of body fat and acts as a source of energy, with a metabolic stimulus function. For those who want to lose weight, the ideal is to drink between four to five cups of tea per day.

It is not recommended to sweeten with sugar, since, of course, the sugar ends up adhering certain caloric value to the mixture. The ideal is to drink the pure tea or with a few drops of sweetener, only to slightly improve the flavor.


Rich in omega 3, a substance that increases nasal metabolism and controls fluid retention, a portion of fish in the main dish helps you lose weight. Fish such as salmon, sardines, and tuna are the richest in the substance.

The lighter the fish, the greater allied to the metabolism it is. Moreover, you should consume Hordenine on a regular basis, a natural supplement to increasing metabolism and enhance fat burning capacity.

Green apple

The fruit guarantees several types of benefits for its large portion of fibers, but one of its greatest advantages is the aid in metabolism, improving intestinal microflora and ensuring satiety for longer. An apple a day keeps the fats away and burns calories.

Red pepper

Just three grams a day of red pepper as seasoning hot dishes and salads to boost metabolism by up to 15%. Red pepper lowers excess blood sugar and helps in burning fat, making the metabolic process faster.

Green leaves

With different functions, the green leaves help various systems of the body, and among its specialties is the aid in weight loss. When replacing carbohydrate sources with vegetables or salads such as kale, lettuce or spinach, you help accelerate your body’s metabolism, fueling calories.

In addition to knowing foods that can speed up metabolism, we must pay attention to the factors that contribute to its retardation: Little fluid intake is one of them. Water is essential in the transport of vitamins and minerals throughout the body, in addition to eliminating toxins and working the regulation of temperature in the body. Consuming a little cold water every day helps to speed up the metabolism a bit, as the body burns energy by turning cold water into the water at normal body temperature.

Stress is also an influential factor. It slows the metabolism by having your body put into a state of tension. The nervous, in addition to causing hunger in many individuals, disrupts the body’s natural work routine.

The lack of sleep causes you to wake up unwell, without the energy needed for another day’s work. With your body muscles tired, your metabolic system will be compromised.

By changing small habits, you can ensure your health and improve your fitness. For any questions or clarifications on the subject, seek a specialist.

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