Papaya, mango and lime juice to combat indigestion


Almost all people have suffered from some degree of indigestion at some point in their life. This stomach condition causes an annoying burning sensation in the upper part of the stomach and is sometimes accompanied by other symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea, and pain. It often occurs after eating a very large meal, but if your symptoms increase and the pain do not go away soon, it can also be the indication that there is a more chronic health problem.

The lining of the stomach is often very sensitive to acid or stretching that occurs from eating. That is why, after eating very spicy foods or with a high acidity level these uncomfortable sensations appear in the abdomen. People suffering from obesity or stress are at high risk for frequent indigestion; when these are the causes it is very important to find a way to control it in order to stop the recurring symptoms.

What are the causes of indigestion?

In most cases, this health problem is the product of unhealthy habits that compromise the digestive system.

Major triggers include:

• Drinking too much alcohol.
• Eat very spicy, greasy or spicy foods.
• Eat excessively.
• Eat too fast and not chew well.
• To suffer emotional stress or nervousness.
• Eat many high fiber foods.
• Smoke.
• Eat plenty of caffeine.
• Gallstones.
• Gastritis.
• Inflammation of the pancreas.
• Ulcers (intestinal or gastric).
• Consumption of antibiotics.

Like all illnesses and health problems, indigestion has a pharmacological treatment that can relieve or eliminate symptoms. However, there are some natural alternatives that can treat this condition without causing side effects in other parts of the body.

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Today we are going to share the recipe of a papaya juice, mango, and lime, which concentrates certain properties to relieve symptoms caused by indigestion. Enjoy it!

Fight indigestion with papaya juice, mango, and lime

Papaya juice, mango, and lime are a very mild natural drink with the stomach that can relieve acidity, sensation, and pain.

These fruits have digestive properties that facilitate the elimination of waste to alleviate the burden of the whole digestive system.

The papaya

It contains an enzyme called papain that relieves different stomach discomfort, including indigestion.

It is a source rich in minerals and vitamins such as A, C, and E which, combined with papain, contribute to the breakdown of wheat gluten, which is often very heavy for some people.

These important nutrients also help dissolve and digest proteins and other substances that hinder the digestive process, leading to bloating.

The handle

The handles are characterized as a nutritional source that varies in amount depending on their maturity.

At a general level, we can say that it can provide beta-carotenes (provitamin A), a significant amount of vitamin C, fiber and minerals such as magnesium and potassium.

Thanks to this nutritional concentration, the regular consumption of mango can support the digestive processes to prevent the difficulties and ailments in this system.


This citrus is a natural source of vitamin C, antioxidant compounds, minerals or fiber, among other nutrients.

One of the reasons it is used to combat indigestion is because it has the ability to regulate acidity and balance pH.

It acts as a stomach-depressant, ideal for relieving symptoms of burning, nausea, and dizziness.

Papaya Juice, Mango and Lime Recipe

African mango

The preparation of this natural juice is very simple and can be consumed to prevent indigestion, or also to fight it when its symptoms have already been triggered.


  • 1 slice of papaya
  • 1 file
  • 1 glass of mango juice (200 ml)


  • Step 1. Cut and peel a slice of papaya.
  • Step 2. Squeeze the lime juice.
  • Step 3. Bring everything to the blender along with a glass of mango juice.
  • Step 4. Beat everything and serve.

If the symptoms of indigestion are recurrent, we recommend taking this juice every day as a form of prevention.

However, if they are intense and seem to have no relief naturally, it is best to consult the doctor to rule out any serious problem.

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