Take the test: are you fit for your age?

fit for your age

There is a method that will allow you to quickly check if your physical condition is correct and if you are fit for your age. Here’s what you should be able to do if you’re in the right physical state for your age:

If you are 20 years old

At 20, both women and men should be able to run between 4 and 5 km in 30 minutes. In addition, they should be able to chain 20 burpees without a problem (although, according to other references, this number of repetitions would be quite low, being twice the ideal one).

Let me first tell you a bit about running, and then I’ll explain what a burpee is.

Do you make mistakes when running?

90% of people do not run correctly, which explains many back, knee and also Achilles tendon problems.

Here are a few tips to avoid injury and get the triple:

  • Many people run the way they walk, that is, extending the leg forward and leaning first on the heel. But running is not speeding, but jumping from one foot to the other. If you jump on your heels and with your legs extended, you will soon notice how your vertebrae and your knees undergo each impact. It is best to jump on the front of the foot, keeping your knees somewhat flexed. This is how I should run; your heels should never hit the ground!
  • Another pattern of running as little as possible is leaning forward. This way you will use less than before your legs to push, although they will continue to hold their impact against the ground. And not only that: this way will run at a faster speed. But, beware! Some people overeat and end up running leaning almost exclusively on toes, rather than over the entire front of the foot. Over time, this ends up weakening the Achilles heel.

Do you, too, make burpees?

Its origin is in the Test of Burpee, a physical test that serves to measure the anaerobic resistance.

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The basic exercises of this test became famous as training (ended up being known simply as “burpees “) for being high intensity and very complete, strengthening the muscles while helping to train resistance.

These exercises involve the total use of the body through four movements:

  • He begins by squatting, resting his hands on the floor.
  • They then extend both legs back and flex.
  • It returns to the starting position.
  • From this position, we are incorporated and extend the body making a vertical jump (also can extend the arms upwards).

Of course, all this as fast as possible and repeating the series several times! (2)

fit for your age
If you are 30 years old

A woman of 30 years should be able to travel 1 km in 7 minutes (i.e. go over 8 km / h).

A man of that age should be able to travel 1 km in 5 minutes and 30 seconds (i.e. go at 11 km / h).

Those in their thirties should also be able to stay “on the plate” for 45 seconds.

fit for your age

It seems like a simple exercise, but holding the weight of the body on the forearms and toes requires a lot of effort from the muscles of the abdomen and back.

Of course, pay attention to the two usual mistakes that are usually made when doing the “iron”:

  • Do not look at the ground. Many people raise their heads to look ahead, what to avoid.
  • Bow the back, either above or below the hip line. To do the exercise properly the back has to be well straight, perfectly aligned with the legs.

Well executed, this is a good exercise to strengthen the abs and back and also has the advantage of minimizing the risk of injury.

If you are 40 years old

A 40-year-old woman in good shape should be able to chain 7 push-ups on her knees, rather than on her feet (as seen in the picture).

fit for your age

A man of the same age should be able to do 15 regulars (i.e., leaning on toes) continuous push-ups.

If you do not get that far, start small sets of push-ups on your knees to reach that goal.

On the other hand, lying on your belly and flexing your legs, you should also be able to touch your buttocks with your heels (and you should be able to hold this position for about 20 seconds).

If your heels stay 15 cm from your buttocks, it means that your mobility is markedly reduced and you need training.

If you are 50 years old

If you have reached the age of 50 you should be able to get up from a chair on one leg and without the help of your hands:

  • 7 times if female.
  • 12 times if it is a man.

In addition, it should be able to cover 800 meters in 6 minutes; That is, at a speed of 8 km / h.

If you are 60 years old at 60, women should be able to perform 10 straight squats without a problem. Men should reach at least 12.

When doing this, keep your feet flat and your arms extended in front of your body.

A 60-year-old should also be able to lift one leg vertically by lying down on the floor and leaving the arms and other leg resting on the floor (forming a 90-degree angle).

Do a series alternating the leg that rises and the one that stays leaning on the ground.

If you are 70 or older

Even if you are over 70 you should be able to climb 10 steps in less than 30 seconds without rushing and without having to grab the handrail.

As for the “standing-sitting” exercise (getting up from a chair leaning on both legs and without using hands), you should be able to:

  • 10 repetitions in 30 seconds if female.
  • 12 repetitions in 30 seconds if male.

It can strengthen the muscles of your thighs starting with small squats. And remember something important: if you cannot do the indicated exercises, do not worry too much. You might just need a little training to reach those goals!

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