Yoga for Menstrual Pains

During the rule or period is normal to suffer menstrual or pain dysmenorrhea, the intensity of these varies from one woman to another, although some barely notice anything other yet suffer severe cramping accompanied by headaches and/or nausea that can reach Interfere with their daily activities. Many times we take the anti-inflammatory to alleviate these discomforts as we are unaware that there are other remedies that can help us, is the case of yoga and meditation.

Yoga for Menstrual Pains


While it is true that some people do not advise yoga during these days (or who do not advise only to perform certain asanas, as inverted, and pranayamas, as breathing fire) there are also those who recommend the practice of certain asanas to calm menstrual cramps Or discomfort in the pelvis and pain in the lower back. As it is always best to listen to your body, it will indicate that you can or cannot do at any time.

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For these days are often recommended asanas that do not obstruct menstrual flow (that is why inverted postures are not recommended) nor cause us to lose more energy. Some of the postures that help us to relax the muscles and nerves that are under constant stress and tension during these days are supine postures like Supta Virasana or reclining hero, Supta Baddha konasana or goddess, Supta Svastikasana, Matsyasana or fish posture (Made with supports for back and head).

Also when you lie down to try to keep your legs elevated or lie on your side with your legs bent, and if necessary apply heat to the lower abdomen.


It is often said that emotional stress increases menstrual pain, which is why Meditation should be part of our day to day with the goal of reducing stress and therefore possible menstrual pain. Try to take ten minutes each day, you do not need to feel lotus in a quiet place, there are schools of meditation where it is practiced while doing any of your daily tasks (eating, walking, etc.)

In addition, you can practice pranayamas Ujjayi and Viloma Pranayama in Savasana or lying down, and if there is no pain or tension, physical or mental, can be practiced in sitting postures.

Finally, do not forget to take care of your food during these days (avoid processed foods, fried foods, …) and if necessary you can use other natural remedies such as Bach flowers, abdominal massages, essential oils or infusions.

Good start to the week!

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